Do you usually work out? Well, most people are aware of their physical fitness. Hence, they pay more attention to exercising and working out. So, where do you do it often? Have you joined a gym, or do you choose to work out in parks and other open areas? Whichever option you choose, you have to carry a few products to you wherever you work out. For example, you have to carry workout towels if you are out for a jog, exercising in the gym, or using any other workout method. Workout towels are common, and people do expect a lot from them. For instance:


Louis never liked carrying so many things with her anywhere. Even if she went to the gym, she kept her bag minimally filled. But her workout towel consumed an unnecessary amount of space. It kind of irritated her. She expected her workout towel to be compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. She would feel more at ease if such a workout towel was available for her. 


Mike always did a heavy workout to begin his day. During his workout sessions, he sweats a lot. He needed a workout towel that could wipe off all the sweat easily. However, his workout towel was not capable of handling heavy sweat. It got wet easily and did not dry easily. Mike did not like wiping his sweat with a wet towel. He wanted a special towel for sweat. He needed a towel that dried quickly, had a high absorption level and did not smell bad even after wiping off the sweat. It is an expectation of many people. 


Harry did not like carrying too much stuff to his gym. He has to carry separate towels for himself and gym equipment. He hated how those towels covered the space in his gym bag. He wanted a double-sided towel that could be used for equipment and for the person. However, finding such a towel was not that easy. But if such a towel were available, many people would have felt at ease. 

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